Latest Project – Pandorian

Pandorian is a dubstep inspired supernatural thriller directed by Harrison Woodhead, starring Sophie Luck.

To save her sister from a mysterious affliction, a teenage girl must investigate a malevolent artefact that spirals them on a collision course with strangers both sinister and psychotic…

Visit the facebook page | Director, Kyle Rowling, discusses fight scenes featuring Sophie



Director, Kyle Rowling, discusses fight scenes

‘Drama has a new Zip Code: SYD: 2030′ – Web To Watch TV Review

by Nic Baisley (@FilmSnobbery)

The Australian answer to the American Beverly Hills 90210, web drama SYD2030 really hits a home run, and other web series should take a note from this gem both in terms of the series’ production and presentation to their audience on the web.

With a cast of impossibly pretty people including writer/director Tatjana Alexis, and rounded out by a great cast of young talent such as Laura Benson, George Harrison, Sophie Luck, and Abe Mitchell, SYD2030 tells the story of a group of university students who party, have sex, and deal with a variety of problems, most of which really don’t get introduced until the sixth episode.

The pacing of this drama, whose average episode length hovers around eight to ten minutes, is a little on the slow side at times, but the characters are interesting enough to carry an audience through to the next episode. Where this web series really succeeds, story wise, is that I found myself clicking on the next episode to see what happens next. Small plot points would begin to be opened in one episode and would be explained further in future episodes…

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